Numbers and Morals Essay

Numbers and Morals Essay

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Numbers and Morals
We learn that any argument is stronger by numbers than without the numbers. If the numbers and percentages are inappropriate, we are automatically reacting against the causes, and if it is not, we wait for the time that it is. Dose we make a correct choice when our decision affected by numbers that come from market and economics researches. Are we free to choose what is right? Dose market brings to us freedom as the Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher believe “that markets, not government, held the key to prosperity and freedom?”(Sandel 6) Are we supposed to consider moral values in our market solutions or not? It is undeniable the power of the numbers. Currently, numbers explain everything and it is handiest tools that humans have invited so far. We can see that every advanced civilization have been powered by advance numbers system by tracking the number's history. Moreover, it penetrates in every decision that human makes; about every aspect of life such as science, economy, business, health, etc. However, sometimes we forget that the numbers only explain the situation. They do not show the decisions we must make. Make a decision is not only based on marketing gains and losses. Sometimes it works, but there are moments that making decision based on numbers are not the best choices. According to Sandel “we have to decide how to value the goods in question—health, education, family, life, nature, art, civic duties, and so on. These are moral and political questions, not merely economic ones. To resolve them, we have to debate, case by case, the moral meaning of these goods and the proper way of valuing them.”(Sandel 10) For example, when it comes to make a decision about health problems, most people do not like...

... middle of paper ... which is a powerful and an effective tool. But it is delusion if we think we can solve every problem based on market values. We all feel well when we see the movies heroes’ actions motive are based on right and wrong and moral judgments in any costs even their life. We feel relief and safe because we are imagining in crises situation our life are not depends on economic gains and losses. We feel that we belong to a moral society that everyone cares about others based on moral values. Nevertheless, we expected the same from our government.

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