The Nuclear Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

The Nuclear Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Nuclear weapons have in the past, been a hot topic. The issues surrounding them have only grown and now Iran might get nuclear weapons. Will arming Iran with nuclear weapons bring an increase in peace? Not that long ago, American government did all it could to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, now they are attempting to negotiate a way for them to have them. Increasing the amount of nuclear weapons and countries that have them will only exacerbate a doomsday-like future and decrease the time it takes to get there.
In reality, ever since America dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, there has been a nuclear arms race. This race is not just about power, it’s about being a modern power that is equal or near equal to those who have the most power, namely America. Israel has anywhere from 60 to 400 nukes, this is who Iran is most afraid of for the moment. There are eight total countries that have nukes and with Iran it would make nine. In spite of this, Kenneth Waltz in Foreign Affairs thinks Iran having nukes would only bring increased peace “where nuclear capabilities emerge, so, too, does stability.” I have a friend who is from Kuwait and he feels this would not create more peace, but would actually create a cold war-like condition between Israel and Iran. Personally, I think that the world would be better off with less nukes, or even for all of them to vanish.
Regardless, people like Waltz argue that there is never going to be zero nuclear bombs, so it’s inevitable that developed countries who are well-mannered enough will have them, and should have nukes available for insurance to threaten attackers if the need arises. Furthermore, since there will “never” be a zero nuke stock on Earth, at least in the very near future, pe...

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Given these points, I see no benefit for humanity in giving yet another country the ability to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. By doing this, humanity takes itself several steps closer to annihilating civilization in the long term. There will always be a need to defend against an attacker, but the way politicians and the military are going about it is all wrong. They are using war as a feeding ground to become elected and make insane profits. Therefore, by allowing for more chances of a world war breaking out we risk annihilating most of humanity. In closing, the greatest chance at having peace between countries is to have less nuclear weapons, and if possible, rid the military of all weapons of mass destruction as soon as possible. Therefore, I believe that Iran should not develop nuclear weapons whether or not they have permission from America and the UN.

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