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Nuclear Energy As A Weapon Essays

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The history of nuclear energy begins in Ancient Greece, when the first definition of an atom is given by Democritus de Abdera. From that point nuclear energy is not merely discussed until the late 1800s when J.J Thompson discovers the electron. That was the first step to a great number of researches, which persist to this day. But the first time that the world saw the scope of nuclear energy was in August 6th, 1945, when the first atomic bomb touched Hiroshima and only three days later another bomb hit Nagasaki. That was the first and the last time nuclear energy was used as a weapon up to this day. To prevent countries use nuclear energy as a weapon, the nuclear non-proliferation treaty was signed in 1970. This treaty states the use of nuclear energy has to be for peaceful purposes, such as using nuclear power to produce energy. Nowadays, nuclear energy is one of the most controversial topics worldwide, some people believe that it is a door to a new generation where making electricity will no longer generate pollution and consequently diminish the repercussion of global warming, while others believe that this type of energy is not only threatening the wellbeing of humans but also is not viable because of the high cost and the long time period to create a nuclear plant.
Nuclear energy is becoming more popular as time goes by, but why is this? First, nuclear energy used to make power is less expensive than the production of fuel, this is because with a low amount of uranium, plants generate great amount of electricity. This leads to a great amount of saving in raw material, transportation and even extraction of uranium. Production efficiency is then achieved (production of a product with the lowest possible cost). Second, nucle...

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...d money to be done and we still have the risk of contamination.
As we have seen, nuclear energy is a controversial issue, as we run out of coal energy, we look desperately to the most effective and less invasive solution. Some people think that is a good choice because of the low cost of production, the economic growth it has and the reduction of carbon dioxide it offers, while others are against this because of cost and time it takes to create a plant, the great dependency it will produce and risk of accidents that nuclear energy may have. If people want to decide whether or not to use nuclear energy as the next way of producing power, they would have to take into account the pros and cons that this type of power offers. Ultimately, this decision will have to be taken in the near future, so people begin to look for other resources or instead begin the nuclear era.

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