The NSA: The Most Effective Answer to the Threat of Terrorism Essay

The NSA: The Most Effective Answer to the Threat of Terrorism Essay

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The National Security Agency is necessary in ensuring the safety of the United States and its people. When faced with the nationless entity of terrorism, we are forced to devise a response that can effectively predict and prevent acts of terror. The NSA is the most effective method of defending against the menace of extremist violence. The NSA, in its entirety, is completely vital towards US interests both domestically and internationally. Originally conceptualized as a small code-breaking unit in the second World War, the Signal Security Agency worked to effectively protect the United States borders from the Axis threats. Over the course of the development of the United States, that once small contingent evolved into an incredibly significant organization known today as the National Security Agency. The presence of the NSA is an extremely contentious issue because its methods of ensuring national security are often denounced as infringing upon civil liberties. However, when analyzing the NSA and its presence, it is important to think sagaciously. While minor breaches of personal liberty may occur, it is paramount to be conscious that in the grand scheme of national security, the upholding of all personal civil liberties to the maximum extent is sacrificed to ensure that American people can live without the imminent threat of terrorism. The U.S is and always will be a target, with our strength and power comes the necessity of retaining strong national security. One must consider the results and consequences that will come with any reform to the NSA, if the NSA were to be restrained, the threat of terrorism will be given greater means to plan, plot, and perform acts of terror. While the National Security Agency may possibly infrin...

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Composed by Joe Palazzolo and Jacob Gershman, two writers for the Wall Street Journal, this article covers the solution and process of moving forward with the NSA. They discuss the possible implementation of checks and balances, overseeing agencies, as well as defining convoluted language. Palazzolo “writes about legal affairs from The Wall Street Journal’s headquarters in New York.” As well as “coverage include[ing] the federal judiciary, privacy, gun laws and anticorruption.” Co-authored by Gershman, the lead writer of the Law Blog for the Wall Street Journal. I will use this article in my final paragraph to emphasize the manner in which the U.S should deal with the presence of the NSA and how they should deal with the organization. The ideas they present will help me craft my own solution for the NSA.

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