Persuasive Essay On Privacy And Privacy

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Some believe that privacy and safety can go hand in hand, while others believe you can 't have one without giving up another. In our ever growing and ever changing world, these two sides continue to drift further and further apart when we are forced to ask the question, “What is too much”? When it comes to personal liberties and privacy, how much should we allow into the government 's hands under the promise of national safety and security? The NSA’s recent scandal has put this in the forefront of every American’s mind. Before we as a nation make a decision, we should consider every side of the problem. Many believe that this mass seizure of information on the unsuspecting American is unconstitutional. This belief is understandable to say…show more content…
It is argued that the NSA metadata collection is supported by the Patriot Act in the light of national security. The information that is gathered is only skimmed through to look for key phrases and words to find terrorist activity and then discarded after five years. It is claimed that in this day and age we can not afford to be private and that there is always reasonable grounds for investigation for the sake of national security. The FISC agency also argues that, “the production of telephone service provider metadata is squarely controlled by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Smith v. Maryland" (Barnett, 2015). Because of this statement, the court as well as many other legal experts and commenters were convinced that the NSA data collection orders can be considered constitutional. All they collect is the very information in which Smith tells us that telephone consumers have no reasonable expectation of privacy (Barnett, 2015). There have been many federal court judges deciding all across the map that, no, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy on you personal computer, smart phone and internet provider (Rumold,
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