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The word hunger can mean the painful sensation caused by the want of food, the want or scarcity of food in a country or a strong desire or craving. In relation to the term World Hunger, the word refers to the want or scarcity of food in a country (World Hunger, 2011). In areas of the world, including the United States, where hunger is an issue, malnourishment becomes a very serious concern. Malnutrition is a very basic term referring to the general lack of some or all nutrients needed to support human health. There are two main types of malnutrition, Protein- energy malnutrition (PEM) and micronutrient deficiency (World Hunger, 2011). While both types of malnutrition are dangerous, PEM is the most important and most notable form of the disease and is eminently fatal. In the early developmental years of a child’s life, specifically from zero to five years of age, malnutrition is of the greatest concern. Failing to properly feed a child’s body can cause irreversible damage to the mind leading to developmental delays, stunted physical cognitive and emotional growth, mental retardation, livelong illness and even death. In many countries across the globe, lack of funds and resources contribute greatly the malnourished child issues. However, in established countries such as the United States, where extensive programs such as Women Infants and Children are established to eradicate these issues, they still exist. This is due in large part to a lack of education. Many young mothers are unaware of the nutritional needs of their young children. Unfortunately, many cases are also a result of abuse and neglect. Regardless of the motive or situation leading up to the circumstances which provided for a malnourished child, education is the answe...

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... healthfully develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially, a child must be nourished.

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