Essay on Nonprofit Organization Website : Accion East Inc.

Essay on Nonprofit Organization Website : Accion East Inc.

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Nonprofit Organization Website
Accion East Inc. (2014). 2014 Annual Report. Retrieved from on January 26, 2016
Accion East is a non-profit organization that holds small businesses in high esteem, regarding them as important to an efficient local community. They provide small business owners with financial assistance to make their business goals come to fruition. This document offers client breakdowns, client stories, their impact, growth and 2014 financial summary. It reports loaning over 8 million dollars in 2014, nearly 1 million more than the previous year. 85% of their clients reported that their business was stabilized or their household was improved. 97% of those who took a loan kept their business open. Just a single loan from this non-profit can grow 4 jobs. In 2014, they logged 15,000 hours of one-on-one business assistance with their 8,000 education participants. This document provides demographic information, breakdown down the clients’ ethnicities, genders, industries, and locations. For example, 57% of those being helped are male, 43% female. The main category assisted is the service industry (43%). The main ethnic group represented in clients is Latin Americans (43%). This document is persuasive because not only does it outline the organizations goals, but it shows readers how they have accomplished these goals. The main source of their support efforts are through loans. They provide statistics on how those loans, with the right people and support, cascade to successful small businesses. Accion East is part of the Accion U.S. Network and has been serving business owners since 1991. In the...

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...ike Schak who stared in 1999. It was very difficult to learn the tax code and file taxes appropriately. Even if small businesses have multiple employees tax work will end on the owners shoulders if they do not a have a specific employee that handles it or outside help. Schak had to spend nearly 35 hours learning the tax code and finishing his taxes by hand. It then goes on to mention one of the non-profit organization another member of my group chose, called SCORE. They provide help not only with loans, but with business financing. A small business owner could be an audience member’s parent, friend, or even themselves in the future. It also shows that people really to rely on these non-profits to run their businesses smoothly. This article is credible because it was published in a well-respected city newspaper, provides business information from the interviewee.

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