Essay on No Need For Wanghong Economy ` S Marketing Regulation

Essay on No Need For Wanghong Economy ` S Marketing Regulation

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Huge Need for Wanghong Economy`s Marketing Regulation

Whether you were amused to laugh involuntarily or you thought scorn on Miss Papi`s Funny short videos, which spread like wildfire on nowadays China`s social media, Miss Papi gains herself huge fame as “the first Wanghong in China in 2016” and become the first Wanghong to attract huge investment of 12 million RMB from outside capital companies last month.
Who is Miss Papi?
Miss Papi is a twenty-three years old graduate student in directing major from Central Drama Academy in Peking. She self-amused to be “a girl with beauty and talent”, and with her less than fifty, original funny short videos, she got 8.59 million fans only in several months in the largest social media platform—Weibo (Chinese Twitter). However, she not only got huge fame and became Wanghong in online network, but also attracted a large amount of dealer`s attentions. Finally, she successfully got the huge investment from several cooperative dealers.
What is Wanghong?
Wanghong is one of the most popular words in 2015 in China. There was a time that Wanghong was negative word,which derisively describe those instant online famous beauties, who have the similar attractive features, like a tiny face, sharp chin, extraordinarily big eyes and always be thought to have had cosmetic surgery in South Korea. These beautiful girls now and then have an affair with stars or“the second-generation rich” kids, and catch attention on gossip magazine`s headlines. Gradually, some of these beautiful girls use their good looks and online fame to make large amount of money and maintain their popularity. They usually show amazing money-attracting ability and run a successful online business in Taobao(Chinese Ebay).
Then, Wanghong b...

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...way to improve the regularity of Wanghong economy is to trade Wanghong as a special marketing service, which is provided by a formal company. Wanghong workers are focus to provide an assurance to their customers` products and serve as an opinion leader for the products. This assurance service in turn helps their customers to open a new market online. Just like auditors, Wanghong are paid by their customers so they are actually involved in customers` business. However, Wanghong need to be independent in some degree to determine whether it is worthy or not to service the customers because they face risk to lose their fame and fans online due to the relative relationship.
Rome was not built in a day. An effective and efficient regulation for Wanghong economy is still in the way. Before better regulation being in effect, customers can never be too careful to shop online.

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