Essay about The Night Shooting : Texas Is Terrible And Should Not Have Happen

Essay about The Night Shooting : Texas Is Terrible And Should Not Have Happen

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The Thursday night shooting in Dallas, Texas is terrible and should not have happen. MSNBC would be considering “Gun Control” nut not wanting to tell about how one of the perpetrator of this heinous crime had claimed that “he wanted to kill white people, and especially white cops.” They are not talking about the issue of a black man or men and possible a woman who were black who were having racist thought towards the whites, and using the two deaths of men getting killed in Minnesota and Louisiana to kill five people who were white.
On the note of racist or racism/bigotry. If the white cop or white individual went out there and murdered a black or African-American. That the Police Department or that cop is a racist police force or cop. Now, if that cop was a black person that murdered a white person, would that black cop would be called a racist or a bigot? No he would not, because of his race. What would happen if the situation was reversed? Would the civilian be called a racist? If the cop was black yes, the civilian would be called a racist. If the cop was white murdered by the civilian, no. for murdering a cop.
In this shooting of these officers in Dallas Texas. The location of this shooting was a short distance away from a historical event that happened on November 22, 1963 with John F. Kennedy. This is definitely a horrible event because two events that happen in Louisiana and Minnesota, but it does not give anyone the right or reason to do an act in taking criminal act towards another. Martin Luther King Jr. did not call for this. He is rolling in his grave and his spirit is crying out “NO!!! THIS WILL NOT DO!!!” and “PLEASE STOP THIS ACT OF STUPIDITY!!!”
In this I would like to place NAACP, New Black ...

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...con…” That is just so tasteful to say. I keep on getting hungry every time that I hear this chant. This or the other chant is not good business, and will not do.
The issue that is equally the same is that of “Black on Black crimes.” What did the President Obama have to say on this? Nothing because his agenda is that of when a white person who kills a black person. What can we do to solve this? I have a solution. Start beating these children half to death until the child or children realize that if you become an adult and do a crime. After you beat their little asses, sit them down and tell them why they gotten their ass beaten. My mother did, and now I am not going out there being a “Thug” like I was when I was when I was a child. You will be wishing that you would be punished by your parents. Unless you would be thinking that you have not done the crime.

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