Nietzsche 's Theory Of Existence Essay

Nietzsche 's Theory Of Existence Essay

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Throughout many of Nietzsche’s writings, he advocates for the “perspectival character of existence” [Gay Science §374], a concept that human existence is subject to every individual’s perspective of that existence, and is therefore limited by these singular interpretations from which existence is viewed from. Through his discussion of dream sensations, Nietzsche makes the argument that all existence is subject to an individual’s biased interpretation, and introduces the idea of the possibility for “infinite interpretations” [Gay Science §374] of the universe. Nietzsche’s writings on the evolving “sciences” of mathematics, metaphysics, and language exemplify the idea that humans can only see what they themselves have created, that they do not consider the possibility of a world outside of their design. In Nietzsche’s mind, the new philosophy should be a consideration of the “new ‘infinite’” of possible perspectives, an exploration of the “unknown” [Gay Science §374].
In discussing dream sensations, Nietzsche argues the idea of having infinite interpretations of existence and points out human’s inability to explore these different interpretations. In Logic of a Dream (§13) of Human, All Too Human, Nietzsche describes how sensations experienced during sleep are interpreted by the mind; the body experiences sensations, which the mind interprets and assigns a distorted version of the cause of the sensation. When the person awakes, they realize that their minds interpretation of the sensation is nonsense; their feet were tangled up in a blanket rather than “coiled round by snakes” as in the dream. Through this Nietzsche exemplifies the importance of interpretation; our minds interpret sensations in a multitude of ways, and these interp...

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...ting that human beings live a life of perspectivism. He argues that because of the subjective predisposition of human nature, there is no possibility for a single, universal truth. Because of this subjectivity, human beings are incapable of objectively perceiving perspectives outside of the perspective in their own minds, limiting their knowledge of the world to only what they already know and have the capacity to accept. The only path to knowledge, not a universal knowledge but some form of comprehension and understanding, is living a “perspectival character of existence” [Gay Science §374]. In this new philosophy of perspectivism, humans would live acknowledging the limited and subjective nature of our perspectives, and to recognize the potentially infinite number of interpretations and perspectives that might exist in our quest for knowledge and truth.

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