Essay about NEXT PLC: Company Analysis

Essay about NEXT PLC: Company Analysis

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This report is going to use annual report to analyze the Next PLC through multiple point of view for the purpose of advise, and the final user will be the board of NEXT PLC. The report will consist of three parts, firstly, it will illustrate the comparison on performance, financial position and liquidity between year 2010 and 2011, meanwhile compare the same criteria with its competitor - Debenham PLC in 2011. Secondly, Explain and evaluate how the company applies the international accounting standards. In final part, it will have executive summary covering part one and two.

Compare NEXT PLC Current performance, financial position and liquidity with previous year.

Next plc :
Next is a UK based retailer company, it has range of product categories include: Clothing, Footwear, accessories and home products. Next offer production through three main distribution channel: Next Retail, Next Directory, and Next International. There is also a increasing capability on online channel.( NEXT PLC, 2011)

In 2011, Next PLC did the excellent job on performance, it has record on profit, sales, earning per share and dividends. Although there was challenging environment face retailer industry during recent years.( NEXT PLC, 2011 page 1) According to the data from the Next Annual Report and Account January 2011(NEXT PLC, 2011 page43) , we can calculate that profitability ratio between 2010 and 2011, Gross profit margin: 29.26%, 29.21%, Operating profit margin: 15.55%, 16.64%, Net profit margin: 10.69%, 11.61%. As result showed, except Gross profit margin, Operating profit and Net profit margin increased by 1.09% and 0.92%. There was reasons why gross profit margin had downward figure, the Next PLC had suffered a ...

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...eater in 2011 than previous year in perspectives of performance, financial position and liquidity. When compared with its rivalry DEBENHAMS PLC, NEXT gained advantage on performance, in other hand, DEBENHAMS had better condition of finnancial position and liquidity. In part two, the report went through IAS (1,16, 37,18,2), it examined how NEXT PLC applied with these standard and how company recognized and disclosed the firgure in the note to financial statement, in which was followed the accounting policy.

Reference List:

DEBENHAMS PLC. (2011). DEBENHAMS annual report and account. Page6,45,63-67,84. Available:

NEXT PLC . (2011). Next annual report and account 2011. Page 1,2,4,41,43-50,52,53,57,64,66,73,80. Available:

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