Essay about The New Testament, Jesus And All His Deeds, Death And Resurrection

Essay about The New Testament, Jesus And All His Deeds, Death And Resurrection

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In our first class session we accomplished a lot, we learned about the key themes that can be found in the New testament and how one goes about questioning the themes and connecting the new and old testaments. The one major theme that we found to be one of the big ones of the New Testament was Jesus and all his deeds, death and resurrection. When this theme was first revealed to the class, I thought well obviously! But once we began to talk about all the other themes such as restoration, redemption, the church and the building relationship between the Jews and Gentiles. And Dr. Hall began to connect each theme together with a link and with each connection every last theme eventually led back to Jesus and his deeds, death and resurrection I began to think. Then the question of why Jesus did that and the importance of it all arose. And while pondering this question in my head for awhile even after the class I began to see that Jesus is not just a theme of the New testament and that it was not just that obvious, but that Jesus is the foundation of the New Testament. And I know that sounds pretty obvious but in all seriousness I never thought of the New testament as having a foundation or even key themes. I always just kind of read it and took it as it was I never looked for themes that were repeated I just read and took in what I found important. I actually found it very interesting that when Dr. Hall asked what the key themes of the New testament were the only answer the class could think of was Jesus. It took him giving us a few minutes and searching through our Bible 's and maybe a little help from Google for us to began to make a list of themes. Like myself, I can only assume that my classmates never thought of the New Testame...

... middle of paper ... me thinking, because he could of died in any matter so why crucifixion. That is one of the questions that I hope to have answered this semester. Along with the question of whether or not Jesus was human, I mean who has not thought about that and wanted it answered! I am also super zealous to talk more about the connection and interaction that the Jews and Gentiles are intended to have as the form the new Israel, the church. I am also a bit eager to get into the writings of Paul and understanding him more, because he is one of the writers in the bible that I do not always understand. Our first class meeting went really well in my opinion, I started to learn things that I never considered before, and had my mind opened up to new questions and concepts. With that being said I am super excited to see what else I will learn and think over and through this semester.

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