New Freedom Vs. New Nationalism

New Freedom Vs. New Nationalism

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Our government has gone through many changes in the years since the first president and with that modernization, the presidential election of 1912 has made a significant effect on how our county is run today. Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson debated a political situation that still effects government and industry in our nation to this day.
In Theodore Roosevelt's opinion, trusts are inevitable. As said in his 1910 "New Nationalism" speech, "There can be no effective control of corporation while their political activity remains. To put an end it will be neither a short nor an easy task, but it can be done". Woodrow Wilson had a somewhat different view on how trusts react in our society. He believes that trusts are natural but not inevitable. Wilson states in his speech in 1912 that trusts are manmade and believes they're intolerable. "I am not willing to be under the patronage of the trusts, no matter how providential a government presides over the process of their control of my life", Wilson exclaims during a campaign speech. He didn't care how much governmental control they were under and he would like to do anything in his power to stop them completely from taking over the industries.
I believe that "New Freedom" and "New Nationalism" can be compatible because they share similar qualities but also could not be compatible for the reason that their ideas on how to run the country are different. "New Nationalism" states that putting individual needs ahead of the nations needs is wrong, which a point the two speeches have in common. Another similar point "New Nationalism" and "New Freedom" share is that both candidates show familiar judgment in without huge corporations there would less of a gap between the rich and the poor. Also without this gap of the rich and poor, our nation would be better as a whole. "New Nationalism" acknowledged that monopolies and trusts are acceptable as long as they are being of service to the people. "New Freedom" motioned that the nation should discharge all monopolies so that there would be less need for government interference. Wilson accredited this because he believes that monopolies are shown to be secured by government and can essentially control the regime because of all the money they give.
In "New Nationalism", a thought on the role of government in Big Business is that there should be more control.

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Roosevelt explained that with more governmental control, there could still be trusts but they would be closely monitored. "New Freedom" had a contradictory view on the subject. Wilson reflect more on if the nation got rid of its trusts there would be no need for more governmental influence on big businesses because there would be no big corporations.
I think that the ideas Roosevelt and Wilson discussed are still relevant in today's society. Although our nation has no real monopolies, some large companies seem to take over their industry in some way. Take Wal-mart for example, Wal-mart has become one of the biggest shopping chains in our country. I don't suppose you could find another person who has not purchased an item at Wal-mart in some point of time. Furthermore, Microsoft Windows has become a worldwide known computer industry and has accredited to most of the computers in our county.
If I had the chance to vote in the 1912 presidential election with the knowledge I have been given I would have most likely have voted for Theodore Roosevelt. I believe that he would have been able to better assist in what was happening in the economy because had already accomplished a term as president. He would have had the capability to lead our nation through this time of great trusts and monopolies. In addition, Wilson whom was elected president used various reforms that Roosevelt had proposed. With that promoted, if Theodore Roosevelt had become president he would have perhaps been properly equipped to run the country at the time.
After reviewing the speeches that assisted the campaign in the 1912 presidential election, I believe that our nation has not entirely resolved the issues of trusts and monopolies. As noted before, this country still has corporations that are on the verge of becoming monopolies in the future.
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