Nelson Mandela 's Speech On The Freedom Of Their People Essay

Nelson Mandela 's Speech On The Freedom Of Their People Essay

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“Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people" (2013). This quote is one of Nelson Mandela 's famous quotes relating to how some leaders are not fit to govern people because they are not willing to sacrifice all that they have for the good of the people. “Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918, in Mveso, Transkei, South Africa”(Mandela). Mandela touch many lives throughout his life. He even touched the lives of people who never met him in face to face. Many people felt like they knew him by listening to his words and from the actions he took to make South Africa a better place. He had so much conviction in the way he did things. He was an inspiring person that many people still try to live their life in example of him. When you think of his name you can think of freedom and opportunities that he gave to the people of South Africa and to the people of the world.
Born July 18, 1918, Mvezo, South Africa, and named Rolihlahla (meaning the branch of the troublemaker. Nelson Mandela was born during a time in South Africa where the British queen Elizabeth II was in charge of the country. The apartheid system was a system of racial separation enforced by the national party. The whites where treated in higher standards then other races. When Mandela was born it set off a chain of events to make South Africans living conditions far better than anyone could ever imagine. (2013) Mandela knew he was different the moment he started going to school. He was raised in a culture where he could live free. Mandela knew he wanted to make in a difference in the world. In The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela article it says “Hearing the elders’ stories of his ancestors’ valour during the wars of resistance, he dreame...

... middle of paper ... de Klerk as his first deputy” (Mandela 2014). During the time Mandela also published his book A Long Walk To Freedom. Mandela was starting to make a difference in the world. Even through he spent man years in prison, he was starting to fulfill his purpose in the world and started to make the difference he so long dreamed of.
Becoming President, allowed Mandela to focus on the changes he dreamed of for South Africa while he was in prison. In 1995, Mandela hosted the Rugby World Cup to draw the people of South Africa together. “He used the nation 's enthusiasm for sports as a pivot point to promote reconciliation between whites and blacks, encouraging black South Africans to support the once-hated national rugby team” (Mandela 2014). By doing this he gave the people a common factor in their everyday lives and they could come together and support their rugby team.

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