Negotiation and Decision Making: A Food Service Professional & Personal View

Negotiation and Decision Making: A Food Service Professional & Personal View

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Negotiation and Decision Making: A Food Service Professional & Personal View

Negotiation and decision making offers a powerful perspective, a specialized language and a set of tools that can be used to address the most stubborn problems in everyday life and work. Effective negotiation and decision making is essential in a buyer and seller relationship as well as our personal lives. In an organization, colleagues may find themselves applying negotiation tactics daily. The rationale behind negotiation and decision making is critical in our lives and especially in organizational survival.
Why is Negotiation and decision making critical? A well rounded decision can assist in designing smart and enduring solutions to short and long term problems. For example, negotiation and decision making gives you a more accurate picture of reality, so that you can work with a system's natural forces in order to achieve the results desired. It also encourages you to think about problems and solutions with an eye toward the long view. For instance, how might a particular solution you're considering play out over the long run? What unintended consequences might it have? Negotiation and decision making is founded on some basic universal principles. Some principles will most likely be identified in all areas of life once we learn to recognize the warning signs.
In most food service organizations, warning signs are very evident, but sometimes ignored. Here are a few questions that can be considered when attempting to solve a problem. What is the underlying problem? Is the issue interacting, interrelated, and interdependent? Most leaders have an intuitive understanding of several negotiation and decision making types such as zero sum ga...

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...t that a homogeneous change can provide new opportunities and possibilities, the change is well on its way to a successful implementation. The ability to reach a uniformed decision can create stronger values both professionally and personally for this is crucial in an increasingly turbulent world. Therefore, negotiation and decision making will become critical for survival.

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