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Necrophilia is a sexual arousal to corpses. Individuals who are attracted to corpses not only have intercourse with them. They also fantasize about the role play with that person. Necrophilia is considered a non-consensual act with a corpse because the dead cannot give consent. Abraham A. Bill who published the first book on necrophilia in 1941 had stated that these individuals are mentally deficient, psychotic, and incapable of obtaining a consenting partner.
There are many range types for necrophiliacs from fantasizing about corpses to stealing corpses for their sexual pleasure. Some people commit homicide to get a body, which is called necrophilic homicide. A study that was conducted in 1988 found that 42% of necrophiliacs interviews had committed homicide to acquire a body for sexual pleasure (Necrophilia). Studies also shown people who suffer from necrophilia take jobs that give them access to corpses.
“A research states that 68% of necrophiliacs were encouraged by a desire for a unrejecting partner, 21% by a desire for a reunion with a lost love, 15 % by sexual attraction to dead people, 15 %by a desire for comfort or to overcome feelings of isolation and 12 % by a desire to remedy low self-esteem by expressing power over a corpse” (Swarag). In 1989, researchers Jonathan Rosman and Philip Resnick studied 122 cases dealing with necrophilic acts and fantasies. They classified them in three categories: necrophilic homicide, regular necrophilia, and pseudonecrophilie. Necrophilic homicide is when a necrophile murders a human to get a corpse for sexual intercourse. Regular necrophilia is when they use a natural dead corpse for sexual fantasies. Pseudonecrophilie has a permanent attraction to a corpse but the corpse is not the...

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