The Nature Of The Animal Kingdom Essay

The Nature Of The Animal Kingdom Essay

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When thinking of human society, what comes to mind as the most classically “human” aspect? Would it be emotions, community, or urban development? The animal kingdom exemplifies two of these characteristics: there are many different types of animal communities who have complex forms of organization with hierarchical structures and the bonds they share with each other are an example of the emotions they can exhibit. Similarly, many plant species are seen growing together by region; their own forms of community. The complicating evidence in this scenario is the idea of development: animals or plants have not created their own types of materials, which defined in the context of being human produced are called “man-made,” and nature does not have its own synthetic forms of technology development. All of these human produced aspects of the world and the society humans have created represent the distinctly human influence and involvement people have had in the world. By this logic, urban centers should be the parts of the world that humans thrive most in: complete manifestations of their creative forces; however, complicating evidence indicates that environments with copious amounts of nature are best for the advancement, health, happiness, and longevity of the human race.
Looking at the negative influence that the human forms of development, like the economic system, the production of technologies, and the many types of industry, for example, on the emotional and physical states of humans as well as the nature of the world shows how the influence of humans is distinctly marked by degradation. This theme of destruction appears in many different types of literature by authors who themselves feel “connected” to nature or stress the...

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... of these texts. The author wants to show the reader that, through the grandfather’s complexity of character, a man involved in both nature and more human centered ways of life, there is multifaceted relationship that man and nature share. Through the also violent descriptions of the grandfather’s methods of gardening, the connection between destructive human activities and the negative effects on nature is established.
In conclusion, the binary between the human interactions of urban development and with nature is apparent throughout many different kinds of literature and scientific journals. Generally motivated by the opinions of the authors, the connections described by the authors to nature are a manifestation of societal opinions of the interactions and the values that humans hold in relation to the importance of economic factors over the purity of nature.

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