National Relations and Mental Side Effects of War Essay

National Relations and Mental Side Effects of War Essay

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One word that is easily translated in any language, a word that when heard causes a spark of fear in all, War. That single word holds enough power within itself to bring a nation to its very knees and even makes some men question their standpoint on reality. War has been known to distribute the harshest amount of fear among the world; the death count for America’s soldiers from 1775 to 1991 have reached over a 1.3 million and America has provided millions and millions of dollars for each war that has occurred. The fact that there are weapons that can wipe a whole continent of the face of the world can cause fear in any human being and can bring a nation to its breaking point. War has found its way to plague all the great nations on a massive scale, from the early 1860’s Civil War to the late 1900’s Cold war. The reasons for war that occur most often are because of differences in beliefs between two nations or world powers, instead of coming to an agreement, out of stubbornness they decide to go to war that can ruin their economic status as well as population within the nation. An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce, and Angel, Archangel by Nick Cook are just a few examples of the hundreds of pieces of literature capturing the terrifying and revolting stand point of these national conflicts; war has also bruised or even torn relations between countries as well as connection to sanity within the human mind of unwary soldiers fighting for their greater cause. Whether on the “good” or “bad” side of war everyone is affected, even during the civil war that occurred in the U.S., innocent people were harmed not just by force but also buy the fear of being killed every single day.
The Civil War was a major event in U.S. his...

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...cariest war in history, and it very well deserved the spot, but the world was not finished with wars; Russia a world power took its place as the next participant in the global confrontations that have occurred in the past 100 years, and introduced The Cold War.

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