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The destroyer Nastoychivyy, commanded by Captain 2nd rank Sergey Chobitko has celebrated another anniversary of its Navy flag hoisting day. The Baltic Fleet Information Group reported that the solemn celebration dedicated to the Ship's Day started with the crew formation, and hoisting of the St Andrew's flag and decorative flags. The commanding officer's order on awarding service members who distinguished themselves was read. Entertainers from Kaliningrad and Baltiysk appeared on stage with a celebratory program.
The destroyer Nastoychivyy entered the Russian Navy service in 1993 and became the first ship in the history of the Russian Navy to pass through Kiel channel. The destroyer Nastoychivyy earned prizes in naval firing and tactical readiness competitions on numerous occasions. The destroyer was recognized as the best Russian surface ship in 1996 and 1997. The ship participated in the BBALTOPS-96 international naval training exercises in July of 1996. The ship conducted a long-range cruise between February and April of 1997, logging a total of 20,000 miles. The Destroyer Nastoychivyy represented the Russian Navy at the 75th anniversary celebration of establishment of the South African Navy in Cape Town and Simon's Town. By the way, the author of these lines had participated in this cruise to African shores.
Upon departing from the Baltiysk base at that time, Russian sailors cruised around Europe, crossed Baltic and Northern Seas, Pas-de-Cale, La-Mansh, the Bay of Biscay, and entered the Meditarennian through the Gibraltar Strait. After that, the course led into the Red Sea through the Suez Channel, to the Persian Gulf for a port call to the United Arab Emirates' capital Abu-Dhabi, and then cross the equator ...

... middle of paper ... ocean cruise, the difficulties that can be encountered there, and even with the equator-crossing naval traditions. It is not a surprise that a vast majority of ship's officers were promoted, and sailors, petty officers and midshipmen of Nastoychivyy were justifiably referred to as "sea wolves."
During its Baltic Fleet service, this destroyer logged more than 70.000 miles over all and spent around two years at sea. This year alone he crew of the ship passed three inspections by the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense on different types of training with distinction. It is interesting that in connection with the preparation for the forthcoming Victory day parade that will take place in 9 May in Kaliningrad, a parade company consisting of the flagship's crew members was assembled; service members will solemnly march among the Kaliningrad garrison forces.

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