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Napoleon's Campaign In Egypt Essay examples

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who significantly influenced European history. Born in Corisca on August 15th 1769, Napoleon first rose to prominence as a general in the French Revolution (Hutt, 4). With his “strength of will, character, application, and daring” (Napoleon) characteristics, Captain Bonaparte made a name for himself. Staging a coup d’etat in late 1799, Napoleon managed to install himself as First Consul and within three years, as Consul for life (Hutt, 3-4). Ultimately, Napoleon’s military background and cunning character led him to become a self-crowned emperor of France beginning in 1804(Dziewanowski, 90). Under Napoleon’s new military dictatorship, many of the French Revolution’s reforms were preserved and even strengthened, but at the cost of political freedom (Perry et. Al, 117). Napoleon continued to demonstrate his excellent military tactics through his army, conquering many countries and a series of principalities and duchies. It was not until 1813, when Napoléon pursued the Russians far into their land, did he suffer his greatest defeat. With the loss of his rule, Napoléon was exiled and he would die on May 5th, 1821 (Peyre, 29). But before becoming emperor or even First Consul, Napoleon was foremost an excellent general. One of his most memorable campaigns took place in 1798 when Napoleon proposed a military expedition to seize Egypt.
The campaign in Egypt marked a new stage in Napoléon’s career and represented the conflict that existed between France and Great Britain. Napoleon set out hoping to strengthen his own country by weakening Britain’s economic market through his Egyptian expedition. Napoléon brought with him to Egypt the finest of scholars, writers, desig...

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...mber of great discoveries were also made on Egyptian soil permitting a better understanding of the culture. So although Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt was an overall failure, great things were achieved and Napoleon’s leadership capabilities remained recognized.

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