Napoleon the hero of the french revolution Essay

Napoleon the hero of the french revolution Essay

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Many before Napoleon had wanted to fix the chaos and the uprising during the French revolution. The moment Napoleon Bonaparte assumed power in France. People had a difference of opinion about him. Napoleon was able to achieve the states of legend for some, who thought that he had rescued France and the French Revolution from internal chaos and exterior threats. To them Napoleon was a hero of the French Revolution. To many others Napoleon was a devil. He picked fights with the smaller nations, destroyed stability and institutionalized another dictatorship in France. Today Napoleon is not the hero of the French Revolution.
Napoleon gave the French people only the illusion of democracy. Napoleon up rise came when the Jacobins became a major leader of the French Revolution. During the 1793, the Jacobins wished to turn the constitutional monarchy in to a republic. They were more interested in social reform. They wanted to interfere with the free market by imposing price control on foodstuff. These Ideas attracted Napoleon to work for the Jacobins. The Jacobins provided Bonaparte with opportunities to advance his career politically as well as militarily. Napoleon was able to advance by receive artillery power in Italy and France. Napoleon’s support from the Jacobins was not only led to him becoming a national hero in France. Napoleon had a series of war victories, such as successful driving out the Austrians from Italy. Later on, Napoleon was able to establish the coup. The coup was a self-constituted group that had authority over provisional government of three consuls. The consuls promised to carryout the ideals of the Tennis Court Oath. They promised to start a sound administration, just law, and order. He used the rhetoric of t...

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..., and Russia gathered to destroy him. Britain blockades the coast and Napoleon blockades Europe and forbade trade. This did not hurt Britain, but it did hurt France. France trade dropped. Spain allied with Britain fought against Napoleon’s occupation. The Pope broke the Concordat and France was excommunicated. Russia ignores continental system from Treaty of Tilsit with France sparking an invasion.
Eventually Napoleon lost all his power. During the year of 1813 Napoleon was defeated by the coalition of Prussia, Austria, and Russia at the Battle of the Nation. On March 31, 1814 Paris was occupied and Napoleon was left dethroned. In the year 1815, Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo to Britain and was exiled to St. Helena. Hence, Napoleon’s power greed and big ego left France empty-handed, in chaos and once more at its knees while other nations decided its fate.

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