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Teen years are the most complicated and overwhelming years of a child's life. Every teen goes through different stages while they are in the transition in becoming into an adolescent. For the Virtual Teen program I had a teen daughter, she was very outgoing and social. She enjoyed trying new things and was very involved in school. She also did well academically, and was part of the gifted program at her school. She lives with both her biological parents and a younger sister. Her relationship with her sister was like any sister relationship, they had little arguments once in a while but where are able to easily resolve on their own. As she transitioned to her teen years, she went through many stages like puberty, school transition and experimentation on new things like alcohol. As she went through those stages, there was a lot of changes in her life like adjusting to her body as it changed though puberty and adjusting to a new enviroment while she transitioned to high school. Those changes became very familiar for me because as an adolescent I also went through those stages which made it easier for me to the choises that would help her to get through these difficult years.
One stage of adolescent development that my teen went through was puberty. Puberty is different for girls and boys and is manifested differently as they go through many physical and cognitive changes. As I was raising my teen daughter I noticed that the changes in her body during puberty played a role in the way she viewed herself. By age 11 she became more interested in her appearance as a result of some compliments from some boys in her school. She started to wear makeup to school every day and became more interested in buying new clothes and shoes. As pu...

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