My Trip to London and the OXO Tower Essay

My Trip to London and the OXO Tower Essay

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I was recently reminiscing whilst I had a few minutes for my mind to wander around dreaming up thoughts and memories. I came across a mementos day I recalled from not so long ago. Just as I was to finish my thought, the telephone rang like a baby shrieking in its cradle. As my sisters voice came blaring through the receiver, she was clearly in no mood for recalling past fun. Her questions came all at once about washing powder. Something clearly a student studying medicine couldn’t make sense of. After she’d abruptly finished ‘her’ conversation I was back to thinking of the sights and smells of London city.
The particular event I was recollecting was that of the past summer. The OXO tower South bank London, its not that well known amongst others so when I recalled the lavish event, my friends looked, stared and I’d wondered if in a hurry to get it all out I’d said completely the wrong thing? The weekend was to be celebrating my sisters birthday and it was more of a nonchalant couple of days than usual; my weekends are typically somewhat industrious with toing’s and froing’s between league hockey and work, as John Lennon once said “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans”. As the event of turning 18 was that of a rarity it was going to have to be celebrated in style. From the OXO tower one would expect no less than perfection so to no surprise yet all delight we were served champagne and canapés upon arrival, and shown to our table. Secrets was the main theme as later my auntie and uncle arrived to join the celebrations and too see family really made the day what it was and what I think made me remember it. The food flavoursome and if I think hard the main course I can still taste now!
The sun was glorio...

... middle of paper ...

...ctly shaped spheres of lemon sorbet with a base of crumbled digestives. The lemons so yellow and the bowl as white as a sheet of paper reminded me of a perfect daisy shining forth from the bland backdrop. The perfect taste and outstanding presentation just reassured me of the chefs excellent artistic style, and culinary skills. The fabulous food brought back memories of visiting Ray MtBlancs restaurant when the food was similar in presentation, yet completely different in taste but no less incredible.
We left late at night with the lights of London twinkling almost ablaze with fluorescent flashes all around. The night was warm and glowing with eerie shadows with details unknown. As I sliped away from the main streets the air grew cold and damp with a cooling breeze. As I made my way home I was left to reflect on the thoughts of the memorable day that had just past.

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