My Study Skills And Memory Essay

My Study Skills And Memory Essay

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“Memories may be beautiful and yet, what 's too painful to remember we simply choose to forget, so it 's the laughter that we will remember (Bergman, Bergman, McClusky, & Hamlisch; 1981). This song from a Star is Born is an example of an acoustic short term memory converted into a long term episodic memory. Memories can elicit joy or pain. For example, memories of a loving grandmother create joy bringing forth a smile; whereas, memories of a narcissistic sociopathic parent can usher in pain. Both are episodic memories; however, in regards to the latter, many memories associated with this type of abuse could be repressed or even labeled as dissociative amnesia. Fortunately, this thread will focus on the educational significance of memory functions.
I have discovered that my study skills and memory has changed over the years. During my youth I did have a vivid photographic memory (eidetic imagery); presently, I can see the contents of a picture or of a page in a book, it is just not as clear as it once was. I keep up on current events (semantic memory); to illustrate, events such as the jihadist terror attack in Paris and Brussels being flashbulb memories. When it comes to study most of us probably need to hone our retrieval abilities thus minimizing disruptive interference.
On page 226 of our textbook Essentials of Psychology (2015) solutions to minimize these are:
• Sleep on it: was a phrase my grandfather often used, particularly in decision making. Getting a good night’s sleep after studying new material enhances the brain’s ability to retain more of what you learn (consolidation); thus, converting new memories into lasting ones.
• Rehearse fresh memories: rehearsing new long-term memories, (aloud or silently) makes them mo...

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...t’s performance by 34% (2014). If I listen to music while studying, it is generally classical/piano music since instrumental music is controlled by a different part of the brain than music with lyrics. I prefer breaking down information into small relatable chunks and creating a story around the information. I choose not to email, check emails or texts, scan Facebook, watch television, or any other distracting activity since this would interfere with my productivity.
Memories are not tangible, rather they are a process of the brain encoding information with details for storing and later retrieval. Regardless of our age, there are many resources that can be utilized to help improve our memories (e.g., peg words, flashcards, mnemonics). In closing, before I study, perform assignments, or take an exam, I thank the One Living and True God and ask for His guidance.

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