My Strengths And Weaknesses Upon Completion Of A Competing Values Skills Profile

My Strengths And Weaknesses Upon Completion Of A Competing Values Skills Profile

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This paper examines both my strengths and weaknesses upon completion of a Competing Values Skills profile. Personal and corporate self-evaluation can help managers diagnose their roles and skills, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop action plans for improvement breakthroughs (Belasen, 2000, p. 59). First, I will discuss my current skill set that was identified through self-assessment. Next, I will discuss the necessary development plan needed to remedy particular deficiencies and finally, I will discuss how this CVF profile broadened my thinking and how with this information, I can elevate my value and placement in my workplace.
Survey Analysis
Through the self-assessment, I was able to self-examine my leadership styles, see what roles are underemphasized or overhauled, and self-assess my strengths and weaknesses (Belasen, 2000, p.41). This CVF survey revealed that my weaknesses lie in the upper half of the quadrant. My biggest area of opportunity lies in the collaborate quadrant which I need to remedy as Human Resource Management is my desired field. I need to improve my competencies in conflict management, building effective teams without becoming hypereffective, and taking the time to understand self and others. I have a significant opportunity of deviating from being a transactional leader and more of a transformative. With that being said, I also have significant opportunity in the creative quadrant specifically the Innovator role. This requires that I improve on creating change and adapting to change. Being more aware of external environments and being more open will aid me in developing this role. Having the ability to communicating effectively across all four quadrants in a way that balances tensions and contr...

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...ation. Obstacles to overcome include setting unrealistic deadlines. To build on working productively, I will continue to use the tools I have received from a Franklin Covey time management class and prioritize what is urgent and important.
In closing, Belasen (2008) teaches us that behavioral characteristics, especially deeply engrained tendencies, attitudes, and emotional responses can be quite transient and resistant to change (p. 78). Genuine growth and long term gains will take place only by concentrating on specific skill growth from and intensely individualized perspective. Through continued self-assessment and focusing on my development using the CVF, I will be able to achieve long term growth. An effective leader must have the quick ability to strike a balance of four perspectives and communication systems. That is the leader that I aspire to be.

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