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My Sleeping Beauty Essay

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My Sleeping Beauty
"So Katelyn, where did you want to go tonight?" I ask her softly, waiting for her reaction and definite outburst. She turns to face me from the passenger seat of my 2000 Toyota Tundra, a look of disbelief on her face. "Are you kidding me Hunter James Caverly? I'm a girl. This stuff is important to our kind," she remarks angrily, though she probably suspects I am bluffing. I chuckle, amused by her touchiness. "I'm just kidding, sweetheart."
Tonight I am taking Katelyn on a moonlight picnic, which I spent all afternoon setting up. Katelyn is a hopeless romantic, so I know she'll love it. After, I plan on taking her to see a chick-flick, no matter how much torture it will be for me. As long as my love is happy, I'm happy. It is, after all, out three-year anniversary. Now that I think about it, that's a pretty long time.
I turn sharply on Mangrove Drive, nearly missing the turn due to being lost in my thoughts. "That was too close," Katelyn scolds, focusing her gaze straight on the road ahead of us. She has always been scared of getting in car crashes, after her father died in one. Luckily, I've never gotten in one with her, though I am a pretty reckless driver most times. Katelyn hates that; it's probably the only thing she dislikes about me.
"Hunter!" Katelyn screams in a panicky tone. I snap out of my daze quickly to see a Mazda CX-9 coming at us head-on. "Oh my god," I manage to murmur, the thought of swiveling around the car gone from my head in a matter of seconds. I hear Katelyn scream one last time, before the car makes impact, and everything goes dark.
That is all I have heard or the past few weeks. A string of constant beeps that signal I am still alive, though I strong...

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...ou." Well, that was easy.
"Hey, I believe you. I knew I say Jade form somewhere, I just didn't know where." She smiles and hugs me. "I love you Hunter." I smile back and pull her in for another kiss. "And I you, Katelyn. I love you."
The next few weeks were quite hectic. Jade was arrested, Katelyn and I were both released from the hospital, and we attended Jade's trial. She was deemed guilty, and Katelyn was more than overjoyed. Jade said that Katelyn had stolen me from her back in fifth grade, which was quite a long time ago. She can sure hold a grudge pretty long. Women!
Katelyn managed to forgive me for getting her in a car crash, and now we are happily engaged. Despite all the tragedy of the last month or two, Katelyn and I still managed to get our happy ending. I guess you could say, we lived happily ever after, just like the fairytales say.

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