My Professional Interview Of Alfonso Soto Essay

My Professional Interview Of Alfonso Soto Essay

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Hello everyone, for my professional interview I was given the opportunity to interview Alfonso Soto. He is a professor here at UTEP, though he is also a practicing tax attorney and a Certified Public Accountant. I wanted to interview him because we have a similar career path, I will be receiving my bachelor’s in accounting and I will be applying for my master’s degree this fall and hopefully I will be accepted. The one aspect I truly wanted to ask Mr. Soto about was his experience in law school. I have been debating whether I want to pursue a law degree in taxes. I know I have watch quite a bit of Law and Order, almost all twenty seasons, but I feel the portrayals of criminal lawyer would be vastly different than what I would encounter in tax law. I am hopeful that I would not have a criminal knocking down my door to seek vengeance because I lost his case against the IRS. Most people who are facing tax cases are probably just as scared of the IRS as a person leaping out of a plane without a parachute. Some people might want to take their chances leaping out of an airplane without a parachute than face the IRS.
When I asked Mr. Soto what advice he would give me regarding my professional pursuits in taxes he said, “Make sure you like it or otherwise it will suck.” He further explained that if I want to know if I will like something I should go out and work in the field before pursuing further actions. Lesson here, I need to go intern at a law firm and see if I like the work I would be doing there. Otherwise, I could end up spending a large amount of money in tuition and wasting time on something I might end up hating. I was also told that I need to prepare myself for working in a completely different area of work than what I have ...

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...ging population in America and giving people a better quality of life would be very satisfying. While I do not have plans to attend culinary school anytime soon, I do enjoy cooking. There is a simple happiness I feel when I prepare food for someone. It meets a basic human necessity and allows me to appreciate food in a way that is meaningful. When I cook it takes time and effort and there is a feeling of ownership to creating a particular dish. When I share food with others I want them to taste delicious food and I want to find pride in delivering a superior eating experience. Do not get me wrong, I like accounting. It gives me the ability to help people and it also gives me a sense of security. I have faith that the American tax system is here for the long haul. If death and taxes are the only two certainties in life I think I pick the better of the two professions.

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