My Plan For A Lifelong Learner Essay examples

My Plan For A Lifelong Learner Essay examples

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My objectives for this week were to use 25 hours this week to continue communicating with past and new participants by phone and email as well as attending a legislative meeting. From each feedback I will correlate the information with literature articles that I will review.
I am a little uncertain how my week will go since this is election week. I reached out to all participants to gain answers to my questions and I looked into additional participants that were recommended. Some of the information I gather got me thinking about my role in nursing. I was able to fulfill all appoints except for my legislative meeting. I had some interesting feedback and information and the need to review some literature articles and see how they are connected as well as fill in some information gap. Next, I had to put everything into my clinical journal.
I continue to assume the role of a lifelong learner this week, due to my lack of experience in political nursing. I will also take on the member of a profession role, whereby I am responsible for obtaining information continuous of information and skills that can impact changes in the profession and nursing practice.
In order to present information in a professional manner, I continue to instill morals and acknowledged principles of the standard as it relates to integrity. In addition, I will allude to the sympathy toward the welfare and prosperity of others without individual picks up or remunerates. I will exhibits the altruistic esteem by being the patients advocate through educating my schoolmates. I will ensure the data I assemble I educate my gathering of people and I should be steady and kind of my schoolmates, in this way fabricating a long haul relationship (AACN, 2007).
During my interv...

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...ched out to former professors and suggest that they think about getting new nurses involve in political nursing by encouraging them to join a nursing association in order to learn how to go above and beyond for patients and letting their voices be heard.
During my research on the political aspect of nursing, I realized the different avenues of approach that nurses can take to make difference. As Alligood and Miles would say, all health professionals should realize that an essential idea of nursing thought and activity in every aspect of care works from nursing information. Peer-review articles exhibit the worldwide reverberation of Dorothea Orem 's work with medical attendants universally. Orem 's work has centered around self-administration, personal satisfaction, medical attendants ' idea and activity in advancing self-mind and indicating wellbeing results (2011).

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