My Philosophy Of Reading And Writing Curriculum Essay

My Philosophy Of Reading And Writing Curriculum Essay

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Realistic Readers
While I believe every child is a reader, I do not believe every child will be enthralled with reading all the time. All students have the capability to read and enjoy reading, but just like any other hobby, interest will vary from student to student. The students in my classroom will be encouraged in their reading, be provided with choice, taught how books can take you into another world but, my students will not be forced to read. This paper will illustrate my philosophy of reading through the theories I relate to, the way I want to implement reading and writing curriculum, and the methods I will use motivate my students to read and help them become literate.
Learning Theories
I strongly believe that you cannot know an experience until you have felt it yourself. The same can be said for reading. You can describe the magic of reading to a child but they might never see it and be frustrated that they are missing it. The joy of reading has to come from an individual being captivated by the book, not by someone else telling him or her how great reading the book is. That is why I believe self-choice is absolutely necessary when picking a book. Recommendations can certainly guide readers in the right direction, but if the student lacks interest in the book from the start, it will be a struggle for them to make time to read it and finish it. That being said, I think my philosophy of reading would fit somewhere between a constructivism and sociolinguistics theory.
Constructivism theorists believe that learning is an ongoing collective application of knowledge where past knowledge and hands on experience meet. This theory also believes that students are naturally curious. If students are naturally curious, their curio...

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... to meet with my 5th grade teacher because he really influenced me as a reader. My 5th grade year was probably the first year I actually joyful read books. He just made it fun.
Reading goals must be realistic. Students will not engage if the reading is not authentic. I want to encourage my students in reading and give them the tools they need to succeed while allowing them to choose what they read. I also want to implement different reading assessments that are creative rather than just textbook responses. Genuine reading experiences will help my students find their own passion for reading. These experiences may come from allowing students to pick their own books, having parent involvement, giving specific feedback, or alternative ways of assessment. I believe the more options I give my readers the more realistic my chances of connecting with them are.

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