My Personality Characteristics Of A Clinical Child Psychologist Essay

My Personality Characteristics Of A Clinical Child Psychologist Essay

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As I 've grown as a woman, I have come to realize that my personality characteristics cause me to act a certain way, whether I am around my peers, family, or whether it is the environment that I am in. Some of my characteristics can either hurt or help me, depending on the situation. When I was younger, I used to mimic others ' personalities. I believe I did that because I was trying to find my own match. I guess you could call that me being a follower, but eventually I adapted my own personality through experiences and I believe it fits me very well. I believe some personality characteristics I was born with or molded into having because of my environment. There is work that still needs to be done because I believe I am not fully the person I 'm supposed to be, seeing that I 'm only twenty one years of age and I still have many years to come of learning, experiences, and environmental changes to come. I would like to become a clinical child psychologist. I believe in order to become a clinical child psychologist, there is much work to be done if I want to become the best in this field. Between now and the time I am actually a clinical child psychologist, I 'm going to have to change, enhance, or gain some personality traits.
A clinical child psychologist is someone who diagnoses and treats mental, behavioral and emotional disorders in children. They can help people more matter the background and issue overcome or reduce their problems. There are 35 skills that a clinical child psychologist must have but of the 35, 19 of them are very important. A skill that a clinical child psychologist must possess would be active listening, meaning giving your full attention to what other people are saying and taking the time to understand w...

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... like I 'm helping people and making the world a bit greater. I also tend to get stuck doing tasks and favors that I agree upon because I don’t want to hurt anyone 's feelings or upset someone. This could mean that people will think that I 'm a push over and that they can just run over me all the time. In clinical child psychology, this can be a problem because my patients will be the ones controlling the conversation and if I 'm always trying to not upset them, they will not have a proper diagnosis which means I didn’t help them many. I will work on changing how high I am in agreeableness by being able to turn it on and off in certain situations. I will have to use force and say no to people for a while although it may be hard and I believe eventually, it will become natural. I 'm not saying I do not want this trait at all, but I would like to be able to manage it.

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