My Personality Trait And Meaning: Personal Analysis

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My Personality Trait and Meaning To have a rewarding career it is important for me to understand how my personality affects my behavior at my job. Knowing my personality traits will help me to have better relationships in my organization. It will allow me to understand how I interact with my co-workers. The Myers-Briggs Personality test will allow me to learn about my unique personality traits. The four letter formula will help me to better understand my personality. It will also allow me to see on these traits affect my behavior at work. Myers-Briggs Personality Test The Myers-Briggs Personality Test identifies an individual’s personality (Jung Typology Test, 2015). The test consists of a number of questions based on Carl Jung and…show more content…
For example, one area is that I am more comfortable working alone. I find this to be a weakness because at times I am not motivated to finish a task. I also have found that it could be a more positive outcome if I worked with others. I noticed that I tend to use my emotions when making decisions I also have learned that I have some characteristics of being an extrovert. . When making decisions using emotions could have a negative effect an important issue within my job. Sometimes it might be beneficial to not be so emotional when making decisions. Learning these personality traits will make me a better employee at my job. In conclusion, I have learned what my personality traits are by taking the Myers-Briggs personality test. My formula is ISFJ. These means that I am introverted, Sensing, feeling, and judging. I have learned of the flow of energy causes a person to be introverted or an extrovert (, 2015). By my energy flow I am an…show more content…
I am sensing because I take in information using my senses. I can sense information from events from the past and I can remember a person’s face. I have learned how I make decisions is based on if I am thinking or feeling (, 2015). My personality trait is that I make decisions based on feelings. I learned that having these personality traits affects my behavior at work and in my relationships. I find that I have strengths and weaknesses with these personality traits. I find it is difficult at times being an introvert. I wish I could have an extrovert personality at times. This could help in my relationships at work. Learning this about myself will help me become a better employee at work. I am able to see how my personality affects my work and relationships. It will allow me to learn a little more about myself and how I interact with my co-workers. I find that my beliefs (values that define me) also are a part of my personality. This also has an effect on my relationships at work. For example, knowing right from wrong when faced with an ethical situation at work. All of these elements play a part in my personality and behavior at work. It makes me want to be a successful

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