Essay on My Personal Classroom Management Philosophy

Essay on My Personal Classroom Management Philosophy

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The following is a description of my personal classroom management philosophy, expectations in a classroom environment and related theories. Keeping in mind that every education institution will provide a school policy that must be adhered to as well.
Personal Classroom Management Philosophy
My personal philosophy in regards to classroom management is grounded in the empowerment of teachers to recognise and modify student behaviour with the support of the school community. Educational psychologists can provide the skills that teachers may use in the classroom without the need for them to complete full degrees in this field (McDonald, 2010, p. 81). This behaviourist approach, known as Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), will enable a classroom environment where discipline is more than just the implementation of a set of rules.
In relation to a child’s growth and development my emphasis is on nurturing the child (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2010, p. 18). As children learn to respond to their environment, I would like to provide a safe and nurturing classroom for students. ABA will be the basis for classroom rules and structure, although the intention is for the theory to be implemented in the least intrusive ways and to minimise restriction (Lyons, Ford, & Slee, 2013, p. 29). Emphasising only delivering modifications when the undesirable actions occur and focusing on preventative strategies instead, to achieve this a set of specific classroom rules will be implemented and corresponding consequences for choosing to disobey said rules. Children will be supported to gain a clear understanding of the rules to be followed and the scale of consequences that will be used.
My personal classroom management philosophy is based on a combination of theori...

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...r than dealing with a major behavioural episode.
ABA also advocates for establishing baselines in behaviour and expectations and making these clear (Lyons, Ford, & Slee, 2013, p. 151). As an educator I intend to use methods of classroom management that align very closely to this, my intention is to compile a set of basic classroom expectations to be adhered to. Students will also be aware of a level of consequences for choosing to not adhere to the preferred behaviour.
Monitoring behaviour and progress forms an integral part of ABA (Lyons, Ford, & Slee, 2013, p. 151). My personal classroom management theory will include observation, note taking and questioning throughout. I believe it is through this approach I will learn about the children’s specific needs and allow for a situation where we can reach mutually acceptable baseline standards and goals for each of them.

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