Essay on My Own Business At High School

Essay on My Own Business At High School

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I have had the dream of owning my own business for quite a long time now. Since I was 16 years old I have wanted to create a company that is all my own so I can run it the way I would like to and have a brand that people enjoy using. All throughout high school I have tried to pick courses that will only benefit me and creating my own business. My senior year in high school approached me with a lot of tough questions to answer like “where do I want to go to school, what should I major in, and should I take a year off from school”.
For a long time before I decided I wanted to own my own business I wanted to be a law enforcement officer, specifically a Game Warden. A Game Warden is almost like a forest ranger who patrols the forests, lakes, rivers and hunting spots. Basically they patrol the woods and make sure people are not over fishing lakes, poaching animals out of season and staying safe during the winter when Ice fishing or snowmobiling. This seemed like the perfect career for me. I love being outdoors, I like fishing or hunting and snowmobiling has been something I have wanted to do for a while. I discovered this career while I was attending a junior police academy over the summer in Concord, New Hampshire. I originally wanted to be a state trooper but once I discovered what a game warden was my mind was made up.
The turning point for me on deciding that I no longer wanted to be a game warden was that I saw all of the things that are happening to police officers now a days. They are being shot at, killed, scrutinized and taken for granted if they make even the smallest mistake. They are constantly under the spot light if they make even the smallest mistake. I really did not want that to be my career because I ...

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...a big mistake on a copyright marked image. We would have to pay a fine and that could cripple my business because we just started it up and would not have the money to recover from it “Copyright Infringement Penalties. (n.d.)”.
Lastly I decided to take the course Business marketing because it is an essential key of owning a business to be able to sell your products to other businesses. If you cannot market your products to other companies or consumers than you will not be able to make any money to support yourself and keep your business running. So I considered this course an essential.
To come to a conclusion I have really made up my mind over the past couple years. It has become apparent to me more and more that I want to pursue my own business and build it up from nothing. It has become my dream and I plan on chasing it until I can make it reality.

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