Essay on My Observation Of A Young Boy

Essay on My Observation Of A Young Boy

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This paper will explore my findings of my observation of a young boy, age 28 months, named Jax. Jax is fun little man and happens to be my nephew. I will discuss the attributes and characteristics of Jax that I witnessed in the few hours that I had observed him. Starting with motor development skills, I observed that Jax is a very favorable walker. He is well coordinated, and loves to run. Still, just like any two-year-old, he still stumbles frequently. He loves to play with his toys and can pick up and grasp his toys well. He is great at maneuvering his toys and putting them where he wants them. I did notice that he did favor his right hand regularly. Jax did love to throw things, and catch them as well. However, he seemed to be a bit better at catching things, more so than he was at throwing them. His fine motor skills seemed very in tune as he would pick up crayons with a “full fist” grab and scribble in a coloring book, or turn the pages of a book one single page at a time, or cut paper with scissors. As for appearance, Jax is very tall and stalky compared to kids his age. He has a more muscular build, and appears to be strong. He does not appear to over-weight or under-weight, just stronger than other boys his age. Our family jokes that he will be a future professional football star. And so onto his cognitive development, I made a few notes, and some things did stand out to me. His habituation is very curious as he was always looking for ways to solve problems, but seemed to get frustrated easily. Despite this, he did not act out, he would just simply quit trying and move onto something different. His language is not superb but he will say out loud what it is that he wants, and will make it as clear as he possibly can. Althou...

... middle of paper ... Jax. He seemed to have succeeded in gaining a sense of self-rule over his body and his actions. Although attached to mother and father, he still would stand up for himself and could find his footing without them around once he was calmed down. I think that this also has to do with the first part of Erikson’s theory, and the first “crisis”, which was trust vs. mistrust, that was present when Jax was younger. The way Erikson explained this was that infants learn whether or not that the world could be trusted to satisfy basic needs. This included “consistency, continuity, and sameness of experience”, which Jax’s mother and father were evidentally successful in this because he was confident enough to explore the social world. I think that Jax is great child, and will continue to grow and move on to new and glorious experiences and adventures throughout his life ahead.

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