Preschool Observation Essay

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For my 3rd observation, I observed one full day in a preschool/kindergarten classroom. The number of children in the classroom this day was 20 with ages ranging from 3 to 5. The teaching style in this school is Montessori. This means that formal teaching approaches are not used. Some of the casual teaching used in this classroom is rather than giving the students worksheets to challenge the student’s thinking, the teacher uses the students and other manipulatives for learning. For example, the teacher gave seven students cards with the days of the week on them. The teacher had the students with the cards go to the back of the classroom and scramble themselves up. The others stood by the board. The students that stood by the board got the chance…show more content…
One you enter the classroom, to the right there is a classroom bathroom and a teacher’s desk. To your left there is a bookshelf for word containers with a bulletin and chalk board behind this. On the bulletin board the student’s art works is on display. On the chalk board, there is the student’s nametags. Beside the word container shelf, there is a smartboard then another chalk board. On this chalk board, there is a calendar. Written on the board is the date and the season. After morning announcements, the students read, “Today is March 24, 2016 and the season is spring,” in unison. There is a TV sitting on a shelf. They use this TV for the morning announcements and to display a clock during the day. In this corner there is a library and rocking chairs for the students to sit in. Then there are three tall shelves where there are several blocks and worksheets for children to work on their math. In front of this, there are two small size tables with plastic letters in a container set up on these tables. Here students can work on their spelling. There are two computers following this. After the computers, there is a science area. There are more child sized shelves with different animal lifecycles on them, science books, and more. By these are student tables. The students normally sit on the blue carpet but this is an area students are able to work at. To the right of the
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