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My Master Teacher 's Classroom Essays

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I have observed my master teacher’s classroom for three weeks. Based on my observation of the classroom, I believe that my master teacher’s teaching style is student-centered. I would say this is true because students have a lot of freedom in the classroom. Students have a lot of opportunities to socialize with their peers in the classroom. The noise level of the classroom is uncontrollable. During the HR announcements on PA, students are very loud, and they become out of control. No one listens to the announcements on PA, and they socialize with their peers. In addition, when students are not explicitly assigned to activity, students engage in conversations with their peers. Teacher usually does not address an issue about noise when students are not explicitly assigned to an activity. The noise level of the classroom is a result of students’ freedom in the class. Students chose their own seat from the beginning of the year, and students talk too much in the class. I learned that I would not allow my students to choose their own seat, because this causes too many issues with talking.
Even though there is a negative side to students’ freedom in the class, there is a positive side to this. The students have a freedom in their learning, which promotes higher order thinking skills. My master teacher provides the opportunity for the students to answer question from their knowledge of the content. She allows the students to go through the scientific method on their own. The experiments are student-centered, and students have their freedom to use their own unique procedure to do the experiment based on their knowledge of the content. During experiments, the students come up with a hypothesis on their own. Then, they choose an independen...

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...m. The teacher does not do anything about talking when the students are not on task. I overheard a student saying that he enjoy this class because he has a lot of opportunity to talk with his friends. I would control the level of conversation in class, because it gets very difficult to engage students once they start to talk about their own personal issues.
I want to praise how my master teacher divides the instruction. She always incorporates demonstration or hands on activity that allows the students to get up from their seats and move around. With this, the students are more engaged to learning. Also, she never talks more than 35% of the instructional time. Her notes are about 15 minutes long in average. If she has to talk all the time, because there are a lot of materials to cover, she divides the lesson into half to allow the students to comprehend the material.

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