Essay about My Life An Embryo Begins

Essay about My Life An Embryo Begins

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This is it, my life an embryo begins, even though Im only a rudimentary plant right now I know I can grown into much more. At the young stage of a seed I’ve already done a lot and know I can do much more. Believe it or not, I already have dropped from the flowering ovary of my mother plant, officially becoming a real oak tree seed, I even have a mark called a hilum from where I broke free from my Mom! Even though I 'm dormant right now, I feel that I will no longer be in a state of rest very soon. I can not wait for the day that my epicotyl, hypocotyl, and radicle break free so I can being to develop my first leaves, my stem, and my root.
But for now I am stuck within my hard outer seed coat that protects me from the world. But lucky for me after being spread out across the land and dispersed I have made friends with another seed, his name is Corn. We have a lot in common but he has one thing that helps him store food called an endosperm. Lucky for me I do not need that since I have two cotyledons that provide me with nutritive matter while I wait to be fertilized so I can germinate....

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