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My Lai Massacre Of 1968 Essay

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The My Lai Massacre of 1968 was a horrific blemish of brutality on America’s past. During this massacre, a company of American soldiers callously massacred the majority of the South Vietnamese hamlet of My Lai civilians, including women, children, and elderly. To this day, it remains unclear precisely how many South Vietnamese lives were taken during the massacre, but it was estimated to be as many as 500 civilians. (My Lai Cover-up Attempt) Higher-ranking U.S. Army officers covered up the events at My Lai and downplayed the fatalities among other soldiers. After a year of silence, a soldier knowledgeable of the My Lai event, searched to find justice for the South Vietnamese who were murdered by revealing the brutality of the American company. This act sparked a surge of intercontinental outrage and brought specific investigation to the issue. In 1970, only one of the fourteen officers charged with misconducts associated to the dealings of My Lai was convicted. (The My Lai Massacre) The extent of the My Lai massacre cover up and brutality was a dreadful part of America’s history because it was detrimental to the American Soldiers in Vietnam and intensified the antiwar sentiment in the United States. (My Lai: Remembering an American Atrocity in Vietnam)
The My Lai settlement was located in Quang Hgai province and was part of the Son My village. Quang Hgai was a frequent target for American and South Vietnamese bombing attacks because it was thought to be the fortress of the National Liberation Front (NLF) or Viet Cong (VC). VC guerrillas took control of Son My in March 1968. On March 16, after Charlie Company of the American Divisions 11th Infantry Brigade received word of the VC gain, a unit led by Lieutenant William L. ...

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...nt of America and the U.S. troops that remained in Vietnam. At the time, America possessed a great split between those who believed in participating in the Vietnam Conflict and those who did not. This split only worsened when the news of the massacre was released, which snubbed America’s foundation of nobility and unity. Additionally, troops in Vietnam suffered from an unsalvageable decrease in morale and lost the will to fight. GIs bore divergence from their superiors due to lack of trust. After the My Lai massacre, commanders’ intentions were constantly questioned because they had lead their men to turmoil and scandal once before. It still remains unclear just how many South Vietnamese lives were taken during that day by the brutish massacre, but it is a great loss of more than just lives: America lost nobility, unity, and the sentiment of nationwide morale.

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