My Interaction With People On The Street Essay

My Interaction With People On The Street Essay

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I think my interactions with people on the street will change the most after reading this book and taking this class. I have always viewed people on the street or at Target in kind of an odd way. At Target people are a potential source of work to fill my free time or they could be trying to steal something and I need to report them to security but they don’t really register as people who have their own backgrounds worries and lives outside of target they are just a part of my job. People I see outside of work are similar but slightly different, I recognize that they are people but they register as things that are in between me and where I’m going and unless they stand out somehow I pay them no more mind then I would a tree in the forest. As I take this class and after I read this book I realize that the way I interact with people will have to change. My future job will require that I keep an eye on my surroundings because there may be people who want to hurt me or someone else in the crowd, I will also have to understand that everyone in the crowd is different, not like trees in the ...

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