My First Child With Cancer Essay

My First Child With Cancer Essay

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When I was three years old I was ecstatic to find my first toy doctors kit under the Christmas tree. I instantly fell in love with everything medical. I had books, videos, even computer games. My doctor’s kit collection continued to grow, with real life supplies from my aunt who is a nurse, and soon it had to be transferred to a three drawer storage wheelie cart. That cart went on every vacation we went on, within driving distance of course. That cart was at the center of every playdate. Little by little, my infatuation with medicine increased and became something I am so incredibly passionate about.
I was 10 years old when I first experienced a child diagnosed with cancer. At the time, I didn’t really understand what that word meant. All I knew was that her hair was falling out and we brought meals to her family. Soon around the same time, my mom brought me into the backyard after school one day, and told me that my uncle had cancer as well. I remember being said, but even still I didn’t understand the what the ominous word meant. It was only two years later that I decided to donate my hair for locks of love. This organization made wigs for kids with cancer and I wanted another little girl to be able to live as normal life as possible. I read the children’s stories online about their disease and became intrigued. In the same year, I began visiting a local children’s hospital. I worked with kids with an array of diseases and disabilities, including cancer. Volunteering only made me want to be a doctor more than ever and I had my heart set on it. For eight more years I volunteered at the same hospital and three others.
Although cancer in children is more rare than adults, it is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy a...

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... to day lives. Some of these include Make A Wish Foundation, Art From The Heart, Jarrett’s Joy Cart, and many more. I would love to get more involved in any of these organizations, because I want to make a difference in this field in any way that I can. However, with that being said, I know that I can make the largest contribution by becoming a nurse.
Pediatric oncology is a cause I am adamant about. Some people call me crazy, some people call me brave, and some people shake their head in awe, wondering how I’ll handle it. Of course, I care about the medical aspect of it, the science. After all, I wanted to be a doctor almost my whole life. However, I care even more about the love, support, and care that the pediatric oncology patients receive. I am a person who prioritizes everyone else’s happiness above my own, and that is the type of hearts that all nurses have.

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