My Family History By Nicole Hall Essay

My Family History By Nicole Hall Essay

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My Family History by Nicole Hall
I learned about my family history from my dad. Throughout my life, he has told me countless stories. Over the years, I don’t remember as much as I should. Here are a few things I do remember, I remember him telling me we were related to John Smith. And as a girl, I knew John Smith, from Pocahontas. I pictured a blonde hair, blue-eyed, attractive man. I thought maybe that’s where I got my blonde hair, and blue eyes from, but I was mistaken.
My father followed our family tree and found out we were related to John Smith. For nine years, I have known that I am a direct descendent of John Smith. While learning about John Smith, I learned that his features are not depicted correctly in Pocahontas. Also, I have learned both good and bad things about his character that I can compare to my family.
John Smith was a great writer, who may have embellished some of his stories. My father and I love to write, although I wouldn’t call myself great. The embellishing part, I would compare to my family being creative in their own ways. For instance, I have a very vivid imagination. The bar fights I can attribute to temper and alcoholism. In my family, alcoholism runs on my father’s side, the side that is related to John Smith. Temper also runs on my father’s side of the family. My father, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins have bad tempers. When you cross them, they are ready for a fight. Narcissism they got from him. My sister, father, brother, uncles, and cousins have this, although each has their own degree of intensity from the other.
By talking to my dad, I found out that my uncle, who I was very close to, was in the Air Force. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago. I remember the crazy stories he used ...

... middle of paper ...

...other than that they were great people. A lot of people respected them, and every now and then I’ll meet people that knew them. They will tell me how beautiful my granny was, and how helpful my grandpa was. My brother and sister didn’t know them, and I know that makes my sister really sad. I wish they could have meet them.
We lived in Kentucky with my grandparents when I was a toddler, and after my granny passed we moved to Michigan. I grew up there, and have been back in Kentucky for six years. My intermediate family is not as close as they once were, over the years we’ve all just drifted off in different directions I guess. I miss a lot of my family, and wish I had a better relationship with them. I think people take advantage of family, having them there, having them near. Its moments like this that make me feel like there is so much I don’t know and never will.

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