My Family Beliefs And Started Perceiving An Immense Difference Essay

My Family Beliefs And Started Perceiving An Immense Difference Essay

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my family beliefs and started perceiving an immense difference. Over time to time their family facilitated me educationally as well as financially and assisted me broaden my perspective on importance of education. I must say they are few of the influential parents I came across who resonate the leadership themes as described by (Northouse, 2013) as leadership: ‘(a) it is a process; (b) involving influence; (c) that occurs in a group context; and (d) is directed towards goal attainment’. Whatever I had learnt through community of practice, I was sharing with parents, mainly cultivating and influencing their thinking with a sense of educating them in a right direction. Over the period of few years until 1995 - I continue to go through an Observational and Situated learning phase of my life where I was only following and learning through engagement in a community of practice.
Once I gained consciousness and maturity in 1995, I continued to present my sense of identity and practice as a leader with ethics learnt from an early school age. I established a vision of having a good education and sustainable lifestyle, which will not only help me in my present but also in my future. I had set a vision of becoming an IT engineer and started making my way to lead in that direction. During the same time, Harshil and Vishal were also heading in the same path. In year 2001, we all got admission in different reputed colleges of India. During my engineering collage days, I made few good friends Pankaj/Aniket/Dharmendara and Dayanand. All were from different enriched communities, their diverse family background helped me to understand their cultural practices and were influencing my thinking in different ways. My learnings exchanges continued with...

... middle of paper ..., land, decision making with a closed collaboration of discussion and agreement with my family members through the form of transactional and situated leadership style. As (Hersey, 1977) recalls from his Situational Leadership, that he had to change his learning of leadership styles depending on the situation and level of maturity of the follower. I had followed the same approach – sometimes my views on values and community disputes with theirs and in such situations I had to adopt a telling style approach and enforce them to follow the direction and order where they don’t have an ability to take a right decision. This was followed by selling style – in which I still put the pressure on them however I used to gain their confidence and agreement on the decision. Finally, in some situations I had progressed to participatory and delegating leadership style wherein they

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