My Experience With Being Exposed Essay

My Experience With Being Exposed Essay

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I think with being exposed to different subjects you begin to develop what your strengths and limitations are. When I was in middle school, I truly adored math, I would be able to finish my packets before anyone else but as I entered high school math became more of a struggle, I became the one that finishes the packet last. Not because I didn’t understand it but because of the minute details that I seemed to just keep forgetting. Formulas, imaginary numbers, graphing became more difficult that they should have been, leading me to create a negative mind set that maybe I 'm just not and never will be good at math. Nevertheless, what I realized later on is that it’s a simple thing to overcome. It just requires a lot of time, practice, and dedication. Which I have taken into consideration and have pushed to keep doing by asking my teachers for more practices, putting aside 30 minutes to study for math, and taking up my teachers offers of after school help. I just had to learn how to push myself.
Another subject I don’t excel at is Spanish. The reason I have such a hard time is because I...

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