My Experience At The University Of Southern California Essay

My Experience At The University Of Southern California Essay

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Being born to Russian and Georgian parents, I have been curious in the different cultures of the world from a young age. Since I was born, my parents would take me on trips to visit my relatives in their respective countries, which spurred my interest towards international relations. Here at USC, I had the opportunity to take a class in the international relations field. My Spring 2015 IR 210 class with Professor Lamy was one of the most enjoyable and memorable classes I have taken at the University of Southern California thus far. The class was inspiring not only because of the interconnectivity and globalization of the world, but also because the course led me to study different mentalities and schools of thought, including the viewpoints and outlooks of Realists, Rationalists, and Revolutionists. Lamy taught me that there was no right answer to any question in international relations. Instead, “it all depends on your worldview.” This concept fascinates me because of how true it is. You cannot expect people to have the same outlook when they come from such different backgrounds. T...

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