My Dad Is Not A City Essay

My Dad Is Not A City Essay

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The water sparkles off the lake in front of me, behind me are tall looming pine trees and in the middle of the century old trees sits our newly built modest cabin. At first I was a little unsure as to why my parents chose the middle of the Ontario woods to build a cabin. Why not stay in the United States? Why not be closer to a city with malls and shopping? There aren’t even sidewalks in the closest town! There are only three restaurants and it is 75 miles to the nearest McDonalds. After my first glimpse of the new cabin, it begins to make sense why they chose Nestor Falls, Ontario population of 720 people.
Some people are “city people” and some are simply not. My dad is not a “city person.” He avoids shopping malls, crowds, traffic, stoplights and he loves to relax and fish. In Canada we have our phones turned off so there is no one to interrupt our family bonding. A few days before we left I huffed at my mom as if the world might end, “Why can’t we extend our phone plans to outside of the country?”
She calmly peered up over her glasses from her novel and told me “It is too expen...

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