The Australian Freedom Ride: Inspiration And Role Models

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Inspiration and role models are two important factors which influence the behaviour and actions of others. In fact, The American Civil rights Movement (in particular, the Freedom Ride of United States) inspired Australia to go forward in the journey of Indigenous Australia. This resulted in The Australian Freedom Ride.

The Freedom ride of Australia occurred on February 12th 1965, led by Charlie Perkins. 29 members of the student action for aborigines group departed the university of sydney by bus bound for regional towns across New South Wales. Students wanted to shine spotlight on racism and the poor state of Aboriginal health, education and housing. The Australian freedom ride was able to achieve all their pivotal outcomes, mostly due
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The attention drew from both historical events highlighted the inequality present, between the black and white. It created an shadowing type of effect, which impacted on society. It influenced many black people to take a stand, especially those who had accepted this type of discriminating behaviour as an inevitable part of their day. The Freedom Rides were successful in their work due to their strategy. In this case, it was power, people power. Power creates change, whether it’s for the better, or worse. An example of this would be towards the end of the US Freedom Rides. Violence and arrests continued to amass national and international attention due to the media and newspaper coverage. This drew hundreds of more freedom riders to the cause. The US Freedom Ride had inspired many people to mirror their work, which added to the accumulation of the population fighting for rights and equality between races, specifically public transport in this…show more content…
He is famous for his renowned systematic study of technique which revolve around the philosophy of nonviolence. Today, he is recognized as on the the most famous leaders of the Civil rights movement. He successfully passed the voting act which helped nearly four million minority voters into the democratic process. This was a major milestone in history, as it was the first time African Americans were running for public office in the South and winning, since the Reconstruction era.

King was arguably the most important voice of the Civil Rights Movement , which worked for equal rights of all. He used nonviolent resistance to overcome justice, and fought to end segregation laws. He also done all he could to make people realise that all men are created equally. These remarkable outcomes emanated from the actions of Rosa parkes. It’s incredible that a single human being inspired some of the greatest people, and achievements in Civil rights history.

As you now see, people stand as role models for one another and follow in their footsteps. From the beginning, Lewis was inspired by Rosa Parkes and Dr Martin Luther King. All these people believed in their dreams, and were committed to their hearing to go forth and achieve a sole goal, to create an equal relationship between races, which means exterminating segregation and earning constitutional
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