My Career Path At An Elementary School Career Essay

My Career Path At An Elementary School Career Essay

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At an Elementary School career day years ago, I witnessed the earliest glimpse of my future. When filling out my career choice in my chicken scratch handwriting, I wrote the word, “farmacist.” My mom works as a pharmacist, and at the time I aspired to grow up to be just like to her! Therefore, when career day rolled around I dressed in a white coat, carrying a large vial full of M&M’s to dispense to my classmates. Now, several years later I find myself applying to Pharmacy School and following in my mother’s footsteps. Of course my career path has been less than a straight shot from “farmasist” to pharmacist. My passion and talent for math and science in high school had me seriously considering a career in engineering. However, I recognized that there seemed to be something missing. As much as I loved solving problems, I could not grasp how engineering would directly touch the lives of people, as much as I desired to. The ability to reach out and assist others on a daily basis just did not seem to be part of that equation.
Ultimately I decided that a career in Pharmacy allows me to exploit my talents, while at the same time meet my passionate desire to make the world a better place. From that point on my decisions have been geared towards achieving my goal of becoming a Pharmacist. I realized that attending college for 7 or 8 years to achieve my dream is an expensive proposition. Therefore, I took as many AP and community college classes as possible to lessen the financial burden on my parents and myself. Luckily, one of the colleges that had a Pharmacy School that I applied to also offered me a full academic scholarship including room and board. Attending The University of Louisiana at Monroe has not only been a benefic...

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...lping somebody with every customer we served. I had discovered a career that gave the same good feelings inside as my volunteer work gave me, and I have never looked back.
The key reason Pharmacy remains the career I want to pursue is because I directly aid sick patients. Medical Doctors assist by diagnosing, though the way to truly save a person’s life is to provide them the correct medications they need. Perhaps the moment I realized the true importance of a Pharmacist was in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. In this movie the Pharmacist becomes so distraught over his son who died that he fills a prescription incorrectly and a young George Bailey notices the mistake and ultimately saves the patient’s life. Pharmacists hold the patients’ lives directly in their hands. One of the greatest gifts would be to have the ability to serve people directly as a Pharmacist.

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