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Med-Pharmex Incorporated is known nationally and abroad as a pharmaceutical manufacturer of animal-related products. Before gaining fame worldwide, the business began its journey to success as a small lab in 1983, which slowly grew over time. Since then, the company maintains its main goal, and that is to produce drugs that promote the health of companion animals, such as dogs, cats, and horses, as well as food-producing animals, such as pork and chickens. To ensure legal responsibility, the company’s manufacturing process is examined by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Med-Pharmex works closely with veterinary clinics who purchase their life-saving drugs and represent them in the market. Despite manufacturing drugs, the…show more content…
His work mainly focuses on the lab room, which he manages every day. He supervises the lab employees in the lab room and checks if they are using equipment and products properly, but Leary is also humble-minded and offers his labor to aid in their work. Another duty as director is the hiring of new employees. Leary has fun during the hiring process, for he enjoys watching job candidates answer his technical questions. He also works closely with the Director of Chemistry and the FDA. Overall, Leary finds his job to be overloaded with work, but he enjoys it and plans on staying at Med-Pharmex. Mr. Leary also enjoys explaining the history of the company. History began in 1983 when the company found its base of operations in San Dimas, California by two brothers. From there, Med-Pharmex started as a small lab room and grew over time. As it expanded, the company sought new recruits, such as the Director of Chemistry and Microbiology. Fortunately for Leary, he heard about the microbiology position from a college professor he knew well, so he applied for it and was hired right away. It is a position he stills holds…show more content…
The company is ran by employees who act as a family and converse with enthusiasm, laughter, and respect. That sense of family brings comfort and security to the workers. Collaboration is also prevalent in the company as employees enjoy gathering for group meetings where they develop solutions to problems. Of course, workers have their own position in the company, but they work together to achieve success. Humbleness is also present in the company, since high-ranking employees are generous enough to help low-ranking employees with their job and issues. Those issues persist in the company every day, making Med-Pharmex a great place to feel challenged, especially if the pace is fast. The company sells important drugs to vet hospitals and clinics, which pressures its workers to be busy. Overall, the Med-Pharmex sounds like a great place to work, for employees are busy, treated with respect, and seen like

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