My Career At San Francisco State University Essay

My Career At San Francisco State University Essay

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My ultimate goal is to receive my Doctoral degree in social psychology from University of California Berkeley or Stanford University. After receiving my Doctoral degree, I would like to pursue a career in academia by teaching and participating in research. I have also considered a career in research separate from academia, where I would be free to focus on research and less on teaching. My main career goal is to continue to do research and further knowledge in social psychology. The social psychology program at San Francisco State University would help me achieve this goal because they have a strong emphasis on research. The program requires research under a faculty member in their lab, starting one’s first day in the program. The program also has so many active labs currently doing research. Not only will the emphasis be important in shaping me as a researcher and allow me opportunities to gain knowledge as well as experience, the labs also focus on many topics I am interested in. San Francisco State University is also a very important step in receiving entrance into doctoral programs in psychology at Berkeley or Stanford University.
My motivation for psychology comes from the fact it just naturally interests me. I was originally an English major but after my first general psychology class I noticed that I had an instant connection and passion for the subject. While I loved creatively writing, I found that writing analytically came very naturally to me. I discovering the natural draw and talent I had for the subject pushed me to change my major. Once I changed my major to psychology, I began taking more in depth classes on psychology and its different specializations and noticed that I loved looking at the aspects of people soci...

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...n gender, race and sexual identity through self-perception, social perception and attitudes. Either of these labs connects very closely with my current interests in social psychology and I believe I could greatly benefit from working with either faculty. While the lab topics are close to my interests, they are also slightly different which would allow me to expand and widen my interests and experience within social psychology. I believe I would benefit from conducting research from an abductive reasoning approach like in the Social Perception, Attitudes, and Mental Stimulation lab as well as the fine-grained analytic techniques used in the Culture and Emotion Research lab. I believe that with my experience and passion for the subject, I would become an important member of the team and cohort in the social psychology masters’ program at San Francisco State University.

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