Personal Orientation To Career Essay

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Introduction: Personal Orientation to Career 1. I grew up in a family where work was an important aspect, but both of my parents did not always work. My father had many medical issues and was unable to walk for many years. Financial stability was always looked at as the ideal. I was taught working is just a part of life and you should do it to survive. Both of my parents did not attend college, but encouraged me to go to college. They were not happy when I wanted to also go to graduate school because they did not see the point of doing so. I was fortunate to have their help and support in my undergraduate degree because this allowed me to not have to work too much. I did have a lot of volunteer positions and ultimately got what I would call a real job in 2014 doing counseling like services in the community. I always knew I wanted to help people and I enjoyed doing this job, but decided to go back to school for my Master’s so I could ultimately open my own private practice. When I was…show more content…
This approach focused on how we deal with unexpected events or by chance events. When I was younger, I feel like I had all the qualities that were mentioned above, especially optimism for the future. I was curious and wanted to be a teacher and then a hairdresser. I was unsure of what my future would hold or what path I would be on, but I was willing to take risks. I always knew I would continue with my schooling I just was not sure what that would look like until my senior year of high school. I was always flexible, until I found my niche. Once I did that I have been persistent and determined to be the best counselor in training that I could be. In short, this approach helps clients to look for solutions to their circumstances and develop strengths based on their past experiences in life and work (Zunker,
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